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Production & Availability

Everywhere you look on King Island fantastic food is being produced. Even when you’re strolling along the beach at sunset the crayfish, abalone and other assorted seafood is busy growing beneath the waves.

More visible (unless you fancy going for a dive) are the cows lazing in the paddocks or lumbering towards the milking yards. The milk they produce is collected by the King Island Dairy and within a matter of hours is being transformed into one of the beautiful, creamy cheeses made at our local factory. You can taste a whole range of these cheeses, from soft, white brie to rich blue veined varieties such as Endeavour in the Fromagerie right next door to the factory.

On your drive back to Currie you’ll pass Camp Creek Gardens. They produce 100% organic vegetables for King Island and you’ll often see Paul down there hunched over a seedling or sampling a strawberry. Much of their produce is used at The Long Table event in late summer which showcases the best of King Island’s varied produce.

Camp Creek Gardens – 0416 012 170
Seasonal vegetables and fruit available from this tourist friendly market garden.

King Island Cloud Juice – (03) 6462 1761
Supremely pure rainwater sourced from the cleanest air in the world.

King Island Dairy – (03) 6462 1348
Cheese tasting room, informational video and products available for sale. Open daily 10am - 5pm.

King Island Natural Garlic and Permaculture Farm - (03) 6461 1248 - 0457 760 865 - www.kingislandgarlic.com
Naturally grown garlic - no herbicide or pesticide. No bleach, fumigant or GMO. Just clean island air, healthy fertilizers & living soil. Several cultivars, for kitchen or garden.  
FARMGATE SALES:  1049 Grassy Rd - mid Nov to Mar
MAIL ORDERS: Jan to Aug (All states except SA or WA)
Special orders, guided farm walks, participate in planting (Apr-Jun) or harvest (Nov-Dec): By appointment

King Island Seafood – (03) 6462 1774
King Island Seafoods is a live holding and pack out facility for crays, king crab, abalone, wrass and oysters located on North Road on the outskirts of Currie.  Crays and oysters need to be ordered in advance (day before) and there is a 10kg minimum order for Crays. Smaller orders can be placed with Foodworks Supermarket & King Island Iga with 24 hours notice required. 

King Island Honey – (03) 6462 1873
100% pure and natural honey, also available from the Airport Cafe or our local supermarkets.

Russell’s Butchery – (03) 6462 1345
Quality King Island meat products located in the Main Street of Currie. Open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm