Happiness is a state of activity

The Activity Itinerary

For the Activity Enthusiast (3-4 Days)

Lazy days on the beach not your sort of thing?  Burn off the cheese with this non-stop schedule.

Day 1
Why not start off your activities in Currie? Maybe a hearty breakfast downstairs at Renae’s or an egg and bacon pie on the fly from the King Island Bakehouse? Suitably sated it’s time to head off to the King Island Golf and Bowling CLub for a round on this beautiful and challenging links course. Especially noteworthy is the par 3 third hole which is hit from on high towards the ocean. Depending on your luck, your partner (or the wind!) you should be around in time for a refreshing libation at the bar or it may already be time to head back to Harbour Road for a bowl of homemade soup. Don’t eat too much though as we’re off to stretch the legs with a climb to the top of Currie Lighthouse with your informative guide, Ondrea Richards. Take your binoculars and you might be able to spot your missing golf balls as you look back over the golf course, down on the ocean and across the stunning Currie Harbour from the lantern room at the top of this cast iron spiral staircase. Have a good look at the waves from up here too because this afternoon is going to be spent in the sea.

Depending on your preference you can either take your surf boards to British Admiral Beach which is usually an excellent place to learn to surf (and was recently voted one of the Top101 Australian Beaches) there’s also a sheltered swimming hole at the start of the beach which is great for less confident swimmers or children who would like to paddle and look for starfish. If you don’t want to get wet then this is also a very popular fishing beach, don’t forget to buy any tackle and beg any advice from Terry Perry’s on the Main Street beforehand. If you’re a keen snorkeler you might like to explore the rocky coastline north of Currie and maybe even dive for crayfish or abalone if you’ve purchased the very affordable licence.

If you don’t have any luck with your fishing or diving then head back to Currie and see what’s on the menu. Parers Hotel often have local fish on the menu.

Day 2
If you’ve been bitten by the fishing or diving bug then start your second day on the east coast in Naracoopa. Sunrise is spectacular over here and you can begin your day with a walk along the peaceful foreshore or take a walk out to the end of the restored jetty. Maybe a breakfast of local eggs and bacon cooked on the free electric barbeque on the foreshore and eaten in a fresh roll from the King Island Bakehouse. Time to burn off those carbs with a walk past Rocky Glen Retreat towards Fraser Bluff as part of the Grazing Trails walks located around the island.  

Hopefully you ordered a lunch hamper from Foodworks as it’s about to come in very handy as you look out along the spectacular coastline.  Alternatively you could pop into Bert’s Café for an alfresco lunch as you look out over the foreshore. Naracoopa is a very  peaceful and tranquil spot but it’s ideal for long walks. Especially recommended is Nine Mile Beach, totally deserted and pristine and a great place to search for seashells, you may even find the very rare, beautiful and fragile nautilus shell along the beach here too.

Day 3
It’s time to get on the saddle with Mick and Eliza from King Island Trail Rides today. This can be as long or as short as you like ranging from one hour to three days.  If you take the three day option you’d better extend your flight ticket but it will be worth it as you’ll travel all the way up the west coast from their farm at Badger Box Beach to Cape Wickham Lighthouse and around to Disappointment Bay. If you’re not doing the overnight then head back to Currie and try a different eatery tonight.

Day 4
Grassy is where were heading today but there’s no breakfast or lunch available here so don’t forget to bring your own or pop into Marie’s Corner Store for provisions (their homemade pies and pasties are a highly sought after local delicacy). We’re looking for platypus today with Ondrea as your guide again but this time we’re hiking down the short but steep trail instead of up the lighthouse. Ondrea boasts of a 100% success rate in spotting these incredible egg laying mammals which were once thought so strange that they must be fictitious. Once you’ve had enough of platypus spotting ask Ondrea to show you the starting point of the South East Grazing Trail which will take you all the way down through the old mine, along Sand Blow Beach and past Grassy Harbour. If you’re there at the right time then make sure you pop into the Portside Links Gallery to enjoy work by local artists with refreshments. 

It’s decision time again…do you fancy taking a dip in the Grassy Harbour? You can often see octopus, rays and a wealth of other sea life in this sheltered enclosure or perhaps you’d like to try fishing again. Alternatively check the local paper as there may be a game of football being played in Grassy.

As the sun begins to fall we approach the highlight of the day and await the arrival of the Fairy Penguins returning from their days labours at sea. Head to the end of the breakwater and appreciate the fact that no one’s charging you for this spectacular sight or reminding you what to do but please follow the advice on the signage to make sure that you minimize the impact on these beautiful creatures. You’ll be able to talk of nothing else other than the sight of this daily migration until you settle down at your table at King’s Cuisine. Once there you’ll be able to talk about nothing but the wonderful array of local produce cooked in an interesting and skilled fashion by local favourite Steve. Eat up and treat yourself to one of his fantastic deserts (Vanilla Bean Panna cotta anyone?) or maybe some local cheese as you’ve earned a treat or two if you’ve made it through this hectic schedule.