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The Cultural Day Out

The Arts, History & Culture (Currie, Naracoopa & Grassy)

Considering the small population of King Island there are a disproportionate number of artists and artisans working away in splendid isolation. In addition, the Cultural Centre often has visiting artists, artists in residence and incredible arts projects at various times through the year so make sure you check their Blog for details of upcoming events.

You can’t appreciate art on an empty stomach so start the day with breakfast at Renae’s Café and make sure you have a look at some of the works of art and craft on the walls and shelves of this recently refurbished café.

It’s only a short stroll to the King Island Historical Museum located on Lighthouse Street. They have a fantastic collection of information and artifacts pertaining to local history. Don’t miss the original Fresnel lens from the Cape Wickham Lighthouse which was recently discovered in WA and returned to King Island for display.

12.00 midday
Lunchtime already? Maybe head back to Harbour Road Café for some of their homemade soup or delicious fresh scones or pick up a roll from the bakery and find a beautiful beach for artistic inspiration while you eat lunch.

Head down towards Naracoopa where you’ll find the newly opened Abalone Art Gallery which specialises in making art from material washed up on the shore.

Portside Links Gallery in Grassy displays art by local artists in a beautiful setting. If you have time, try one of their locally made cakes with your refreshing afternoon tea. While in Grassy you should also try to visit King Island Kelp Craft and marvel at the ingenuity of Betty and Bevin who specialise in this unique form of handcraft.

Enjoy your drive back to Currie but don’t dawdle as there are several more excellent venues in which to enjoy art in the main township. The most diverse and varied range of art can be found at the King Island Arts and Cultural Centre on Currie Harbour. They always have a range of art and crafts by local artists but often have exhibitions by visiting artists or may even have an artist in residence working on a new collection.

While back in Currie you must also try to visit the Lollipop Gallery next to the pub. Look out for Caroline Kininmonth who works in the brightly coloured Pottery on Wharf Road as you make your way down to look at some of her and her friends art displayed in the iconic local landmark, The Boatshed.

No visit to King Island is complete without a visit to The Boatshed, alternatively known as The Restaurant With No Food. Take a bottle of wine and some King Island cheese with you and see whether the art on display can rival the beauty of the harbour view as the sun sets on another wonderful, culture filled King Island day.