food and dining

food and dining

Produce of King Island

If Tasmania aspires to be the ‘food basket’ for Australia then King Island is already the epicurean delicatessen for the Pacific region and beyond. Top restaurants in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Spain and London seek out King Island’s produce, safe in the knowledge that the island’s producers have a hard-earned reputation for producing some of the tastiest and freshest food around. While many local restaurants and cafes take great pride in serving local dishes, many foodies love to source what they need locally and prepare it themselves. Of course, King Island’s produce tastes best when it is in season so not all products are available throughout the year.

The Long Table Festival is held annually and celebrates the diversity of food available. The preparation and consumption of this degustation type feast takes place over several days and features local beef, lamb, vegetables, rock lobster, cheese, oysters, octopus and even mutton birds all of which are dressed, adorned and flavoured with local honey, herbs, cream and garlic. If you can’t make it for this gourmet weekend, don’t worry, much of this produce is available locally and you can pick-up hints and tips on preparation from some of the friendly locals. Maybe Sean in the butchers can recommend the best cuts of meat or Donna can tell you how to make your Crayfish taste as sweet and fresh as possible. Paul and Cynthia of Camp Creek Gardens are always happy to recommend the best way to prepare their extraordinary and beloved vegetables.

But no one wants to stay indoors cooking all day on King Island which is why we recommend ordering a hamper featuring many of the delicacies mentioned above from Foodworks. Give them 24 hours notice and they’ll rustle up a lunch allowing you take a well-earned rest from your labours and more time to concentrate on watching the waves roll by.



King Island Distillery

Made on King Island, Heidi handcrafts Spirits in her Pot Stills called ‘Copper Angels’ at 40 Degrees South in Tasmania’s Northernmost Distillery.  Our goal, is for you experience the discovery of your next drink of choice with King Island Distillery Spirits.   Boutique batches of Native Gin, Ruby Vodka, 40°S Vodka and Distillery Choice Single Malt Whisky, all ready to be enjoyed now.

Name: Heidi Weitjens

Address: PO Box 177, Currie  TAS  7256

Phone number: 0488 CHEERS | 0488 24 33 77

Email: heidi@kingislanddistillery.com



King Island Garlic

My specialty is providing the home garlic gardener with a range of interesting and unusual garlic varieties to plant, grow and store for a supply of fresh garlic all year.

I offer a selection of cultivars which I have gathered over two decades from Tasmania’s rich cultural heritage of migrant heirlooms and industry trials.​

My garlic is grown under the clear sky and fresh air of King Island, Bass Strait,Tasmania, in the path of the Roaring 40’s, using NO pesticide or herbicide, NO fumigant or GMO 

Contact: Carmen and James
Telephone: 0409 181 806


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