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food and dining

Produce of King Island

If Tasmania aspires to be the ‘food basket’ for Australia then King Island is already the epicurean delicatessen for the Pacific region and beyond. Top restaurants in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Spain and London seek out King Island’s produce, safe in the knowledge that the island’s producers have a hard-earned reputation for providing some of the tastiest and freshest food around. While many local restaurants and cafes take great pride in serving local dishes, you may want to source what you need locally and prepare it yourself. Of course, King Island’s produce tastes best when it is in season so not all products are available throughout the year.

The Long Table Festival is held annually and celebrates the diversity of food available. The preparation and consumption of this degustation type feast takes place over several days and features local beef, lamb, vegetables, rock lobster, cheese, oysters, octopus and even mutton birds all of which are dressed, adorned and flavoured with local honey, herbs, cream and garlic. If you can’t make it for this gourmet weekend, don’t worry, much of this produce is available locally and you can pick-up hints and tips on preparation from some of the friendly locals. Maybe The butcher at King Island Butchery or King Island Prime meats can recommend the best cuts of meat. Paul and Cynthia of  The Garden are always happy to recommend the best way to prepare their extraordinary and beloved vegetables.

But no one wants to stay indoors cooking all day on King Island which is why we recommend ordering a hamper featuring many of the delicacies mentioned above from Foodworks. Give them 24 hours notice and they’ll rustle up a lunch or dinner hamper allowing you take a well-earned rest from your labours and more time to concentrate on watching the waves roll by.


King Island Brewhouse

King Island Brewhouse is a locally owned craf-brewery producing beer, cider and other fermented beverages for locals and visitors alike. Opening in April 2020 our products are available from local pubs, clubs, restaurants and the bottleshop. Tastings and sales are available at the onsite taproom. Please call ahead to check opening times.

Where to buy: Direct sales & tastings available, also available at The King Island Hotel & King Island IGA 

Name: Corey & Sarah Brazendale
Address: 36 Lancaster rd, Pegarah  TAS  7256
Phone: 0455 666 138
Email: info@kibrew.house
Web: http://www.kibrew.house/

Book a tour: Phone the brewhouse


King Island Distillery

Made on King Island, Heidi handcrafts Spirits in her Pot Stills called ‘Copper Angels’ at 40 Degrees South in Tasmania’s Northernmost Distillery.  Our goal, is for you experience the discovery of your next drink of choice with King Island Distillery Spirits.   Boutique batches of Native Gin, Ruby Vodka, 40°S Vodka and Distillery Choice Single Malt Whisky, all ready to be enjoyed now.

Where to buy: Direct sales & tastings available, also available at The King Island Hotel, King Island IGA and the King Island Golf and Bowling club. 

Name: Heidi Weitjens
Address: PO Box 177, Currie  TAS  7256
Phone: 0488 CHEERS | 0488 24 33 77
Email: heidi@kingislanddistillery.com
Web: www.kingislanddistillery.com

Book a tour: Click here to book a tour

King Island Garlic

The King Island garlic specialty is providing the home garlic gardener with a range of interesting and unusual garlic varieties to plant, grow and store for a supply of fresh garlic all year.

Carmen offers a selection of cultivars which she has gathered over two decades from Tasmania’s rich cultural heritage of migrant heirlooms and industry trials.​

The garlic is grown under the clear sky and fresh air of King Island, Bass Strait,Tasmania, in the path of the Roaring 40’s, using NO pesticide or herbicide, NO fumigant or GMO 

Where to buy: Direct sales

Name: Carmen and James
Phone: 0409 181 806
Book a tour: Request a farm walk


King Island Bakehouse

King Island’s legendary bakery is the home of the Crayfish pie. If you haven’t had one yet, treat yourself.

If you are prepared to wait, you can just turn up and wait for one to be warmed up for you, or if you would like it hot and ready for when you arrive, give the bakery a call to pre order.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 5:30am to 5pm, Saturday to Sunday 7am to 3pm.
Address: 5 Main st, Currie
Phone: 03 6462 1337
Facebook: King Island Bakehouse facebook page


King Island Dairy- Cheese Store 

This the the cheese store located at the King Island Dairy. Loved by locals and visitors it is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 11am to 4:30pm – Visitors can get an individual complimentary tasting plate of a selection of our cheeses. We ask that groups of eight or more wanting a cheese tasting book in advance. Email: kid.store@saputo.com . Contactless payment by EFTPOS/credit card is preferred. We will also be offering our cheese platter, baked brie and drinks menu.

Where to buy: Direct sales available at the store, cheese is also available at the King Island IGA, King Island Foodworks and is on the menu (baked brie and cheese platters) at the King Island Hotel, Wild Harvest Restaurant & View Dining.

Address: 869 North rd, Loorana, King Island, TAS, 7256
Email: kid.store@saputo.com
Phone: (03) 6462 0947 (only during cheese store opening hours)

Meat Your Beef – King Island Farm Tours

From the farm tour to a paddock to plate experience. This Beef cattle property that produces King Island Beef opens themselves up for people to visit and see behind the scenes. But don’t just stop at the tour, get a full paddock to plate experience here and have some local beef cooked by this beef producer too.

Where to buy: King Island Beef is available as part of the paddock to plate experience at Meat your beef. It is also available at the King Island Butchery, King Island Prime meats, King Island IGA, King Island Foodworks and is on the menu at the King Island Hotel, View Dining, Wild Harvest Restaurant and the King Island Club.

Address: 3470 North Road Loorana
Phone: 0427 118 903 Ana
Email: meatyourbeef@gmail.com
Web: www.meatyourbeef.com.au
Book a tour or paddock to plate experience:  Meat your beef tours


king island lobster

King Island Seafoods 

Want to know where your seafood comes from? You can take a walk down to the Currie Wharf and see the fishing boats there. These boats and fishers are the King Island Seafood industry. Much of their produce is shipped across the world as premium produce. To enjoy a crayfish or Oysters during your stay on King Island place an order 24 hours ahead via Foodworks- Ph: (03) 6462 1144.

Where to buy: Cooked and chilled lobster and fresh oysters are available from King Island Foodworks and can also be ordered to be cooked to order at the King Island Hotel, View Dining and Wild Harvest restaurant. Wholesale and bulk orders (more than 10kg) can be made directly with King Island Seafoods. 

Email: kingislandseafood@bigpond.com
Facebook: King Island Seafood facebook page

King Island Cloud Juice 

Small batch rain water, bottled for your enjoyment. 9,750 drops of pure rainwater in every bottle.

Our home, King Island, has some of the cleanest air in the world. Thanks to the strong westerly winds known as the Roaring Forties, it rains on average 180 days per year. The character of Cloud Juice changes with temperature, from sweetly refreshing when chilled, to an elegant velvet when served at room temperature.

Where to buy: Available at King Island Supermarkets as well as King Island restaurants and cafes.

Email: cloud.juice@bigpond.com
Web: www.cloudjuice.com.au/

King Island Honey 

King Island Lymwood Honey. This honey is produced from predominately clover pastures in the Pegarah and Lymwood areas and has that unique King Island flavour and quality. King Island Lymwood Honey is 100% pure and natural and the method of cold extraction used ensures that this honey will retain all the natural goodness and quality that only unprocessed food can give you.

Where to buy: Direct sales and also at the King Island Butchery.

 Sean Freeman


BEnnEts Honey

BEnnEts Honey is a locally produced honey using hives across King Island. It is packaged in bulk drums and available as a pour your own option at King Island Foodworks. BYO container and fill it up with BEnnEts honey. 

Where to buy: Available at King Island Foodworks, BYO container.



Are you still wanting more?

Here is a list of the restaurants and cafes across King Island where you can experience King Island Produce. 

View Dining – View Dining facebook page

King Island Hotel – King Island Hotel facebook page

Wild Harvest Restaurant – Wild Harvest facebook page

King Island Club – King Island Club facebook page


If you haven’t made the decision to move to King Island yet and you are heading home and want to share your King Island experience with friends and family, here are some recipes that you can make at home using King Island produce.

Recipes from the King Island Dairy – including crumbed camembert, baked brie and the ultimate macaroni cheese – King Island Dairy Recipes

Poh’s Kitchen visits King Island – Kefir with elderflower, cheese souffle and cheddar crusted apple pie – Pohs Kitchen King Island Recipes

Alice Zaslavsky – Baked Brie with figs – Alice in Frames baked brie with figs recipe

Delicious magazine – Grilled King Island Crayfish – Delicious magazine – King Island Crayfish

How to put together a deluxe platter using King Island cheesesdeluxe platter instructions

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