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King Island Information

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Maps, guides and other information can really help to make your stay easier.

If there’s anything else you think we need to include, please let us know by using the Contact link at the bottom of each page.

Below are some essential guides, maps which may be helpful during your stay and also some videos to give you a preview of your visit:


  • King Island Trail Rides – A short introduction made by Killafish Productions.
  • Coastal Watch – Surfers Craike, Marzo and Banting explore King Island.
  • ABC Open – Ian Allan talks about his passion for the King Island Imperial 20 as part of ABC Open’s 110% series.
  • Our King Island – Local student Tom Youd asks King Islander’s what they like about the place.
  • Getaway – The Getaway team visit King Island.
  • Ben Player – Australian Bodyboarder Ben Player visits King Island.
  • The King Island Dairy Story – Documentary about the island, the people, the dairy.
  • King Island – An epic flick featuring Surfer, Bowjeski and Capt. Jono.
  • Channel J – King Island Football and other King Island events (video)

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