Taxi Service

Taxi Service

Taxi Service

King Island Taxi Service is licenced and operated by Ruby Red Cabs based in Currie.

It runs a Mitsubishi Outlander SUV PHEV (plug-in-hybrid electric) with dual petrol and electric power source. The communications has been optimised with a signal booster to enhance phone access and GPS. The 5 seater SUV has a roof rack and covered in trailer option for all extra’s.

Ruby Red Cabs offers a 24hr service with phone bookings in advance if possible appreciated. To suit King Island’s demographics, Flinders & King Island Tas government taxi rates are set at a flagfall rate of $5.10, Tariff 1 is $2.17 per km, Tariff 2 is $2.60, per km. Further info can be found on our website.

Telephone: 0424 161 261


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