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King Island Maritime Trail

King Island has a grim history of shipping disasters with only war, disease and weather events claiming more lives in Australian history than the Cataraqui shipwreck in 1845.

Some ten years earlier the Neva sank near the north of the island with a death toll that included over 200 women and children.

Not all wrecks ended in such tragic loss of life. The Netherby went down with 504 aboard in 1866 without one fatality. Infact their number actually increased to 506 two days later as one of the female passengers gave birth to twins.

The King Island Maritime Trail was opened in 2001 and features interpretive signage close to the sites of many of the most notable wrecks around our shores.

Follow this trail around the island, learn more about the history of migration to Australia, what happened to the descendants of those who survived and some of the stories of the shipwrecks; both heart-breaking and heroic.

Trail brochures are available on your arrival at the airport and from the visitors information centre at 5 George st in Currie.

Ship Wrecks : Loch Leven, Cataraqui, Shannon, Netherby, Blencathra, British Admiral, Neva, Carnarvon Bay

Safe Havens : Grassy Harbour, Currie Harbour, Sea Elephant Bay

Lighthouses : Currie Lighthouse, Wickham Lighthouse


Walks of King Island

Descriptions, maps and colour photos for 44 walks on King Island including:

  • More than 150 km of walking tracks, trails, beaches and 4WD tracks
  • ¬†What to take on your walk
  • Tasmap map references
  • Walks from 10 minutes to 4 hours
  • Quick find reference map
  • Comprehensive walk index

This book is available from the King Island Visitors information centre (5 George st, Currie) and Australia Post in Currie and from other good retailers.

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